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Bishop Miguel A. Sebastian, president of UNAD-Caritas in Chad, recently sent a letter to CRS President & CEO Carolyn Y. Woo expressing his support for the work of CRS. He gave us permission to post his letter.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On the 70th anniversary of your institution, I am writing to you to express all my gratitude and that of the Episcopal Conference of Chad for the gift of God through the works of CRS in Chad since 1984 and in the world since 1943, the date of creation of CRS by the American Episcopal Conference.

CRS truly demonstrates to us in Chad the love and solidarity of our sister Church in the United States and their support to our Diocesan Conference of Justice and Peace in all the 8 dioceses of Chad; the support includes activities for AIDS orphans and those living with HIV-AIDS, activities endorsing the rights of children, without forgetting the refugee assistance in Darfur in Eastern Chad and the assistance to the indigenous populations of Northern Chad who have been victims of reoccurring food and nutritional crises for almost 30 years.

The Church in Chad in the spirit of the universality of the Catholic Church in communion with all the other Caritas of the world join you with great joy to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the creation of CRS.

Our prayer is to see CRS continue to collaborate with Caritas Chad, member like you of Caritas International, in the spirit of brotherly dialogue and sincere partnership so that we are able to give witness together of the love of God for humanity, in particular the most disadvantaged humanity in our country like the children, the poor, the marginalized of society, the victims of injustice, etc.

In my own name, and in the name of Caritas Chad, I send my best wishes to CRS for the 70 years of service to the poor throughout the world. I pray to the Lord Jesus to fill you with his grace as well as all the workers of CRS and all your benefactors.

Lai (Chad), the 10th September 2013

Mgr Miguel A. Sebastian

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Jim Stipe
October 8, 2013

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