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Msgr. Giorgio Bertin, Bishop of Djibouti and Apostolic Administrator of Mogadishu, recently wrote to CRS President & CEO Carolyn Y. Woo expressing his support for the work of CRS and expressing his solidarity as the agency continues to be the subject of attack. He gave us permission to post his letter.

Dear Carolyn Woo,

I am writing to you and through you to CRS as a whole, to express my solidarity with you all at this particular moment when your organization is under unjust attack. I do this not simply as an expression of solidarity, from both Caritas Djibouti and Caritas Somalia, towards a member of our confederation of Caritas Internationalis, but also because of my personal experience with CRS.

Although our “Caritases” are different not only in size but also in approaches to the world of the poor, in my experience with CRS, in the 90ies for Somalia and in these years of the new millennium also here in Djibouti, I have been always touched by the professionalism of CRS employees, and also by their respect, openness and fidelity towards the Catholic Social Teaching, the local Churches and the local Caritases.

I find the present attacks against CRS, particularly in the ethical field, as not true, at least from my more than 20 years of experience with CRS as an organization. If some failures may have happened, these should be attributed to persons, not to the institution as a whole.

Be assured of my friendship to you, the persons with whom I am in contact in your Regional Office for East Africa, and your organization in general. I accompany my friendship with my prayer.

Msgr. Giorgio Bertin
Bishop of Djibouti
Apostolic administrator of Mogadishu
President of Caritas Djibouti and Caritas Somalia

John Rivera
August 9, 2013

John Rivera is CRS' former communications director. He was based Baltimore, Maryland.More