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Syrian Refugee Crisis


The war in Syria has killed as many as 400,000 Syrians, and has uprooted more than 11 million people. Children, who make up more than half of Syrian refugees in the Middle East, are paying the heaviest price: many have witnessed violence and the loss of homes or loved ones; the vast majority have been out of school for years. Syria’s neighbors, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt, have responded to the call to welcome the stranger and are doing their best to provide Syrian refugee aid. With an influx of some 5 million refugees, their economies, social services and basic infrastructure are strained to the breaking point. But unless and until families can feed their children and provide opportunities, they will continue to look for other opportunities.

European Refugee Crisis

Driven by violence and seeking safety and a fresh start, Syrians made up half of the more than one million refugees and economic migrants who arrived on European shores in 2015. However, following border closures throughout the Balkans in March 2016, tens of thousands of refugees and economic migrants have become stranded in Greece. Thousands more are stuck in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. With their options in flux and conditions increasingly perilous, these families need food, basic supplies, shelter and clear information about legal options for seeking asylum and international protection. 

Since the beginning of the conflict, CRS has provided refugee aid to approximately 1.25 million war-affected Syrians across the Middle East and Europe. 

CRS Response in the Middle East

Since 2011, CRS has worked with our Catholic Church partners across the Middle East, including in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.

  • Food
  • Living supplies and hygiene kits
  • Shelter and rent assistance
  • Medical support
  • Livelihoods support
  • Formal and informal educational support and counseling for children

CRS Response in Europe

Since the summer of 2015, CRS has been scaling up our response to the refugee crisis unfolding in Europe by working with Church and other local partners across the refugees’ routes, including in Greece, Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia. Our Syrian refugee aid includes:

  • Food and emergency living supplies
  • Medical assistance
  • Temporary shelter
  • Information, translation services, and legal services 

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