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Africa Hunger Crisis

Africa hunger crisis: waiting in line for food

Media Contacts

Nikki Gamer, Media Relations Manager



Violence, insecurity and prolonged drought have been made increasingly worse by climate change. Consecutive years of poor rains and poor harvests have decimated crops across South Sudan, Somalia, and Kenya, and in Nigeria, many are going hungry after being displaced by Boko Haram.

Some 260,000 Somalis died in 2011 because of a drought-induced famine. It’s expected that this drought is set to be much worse. Water sources across these countries have run dry; community elders all say they’ve never seen anything like it. Experts in the humanitarian sector agree: this could turn into a humanitarian catastrophe and could cost hundreds of thousands of lives, again.

Approximately 1.4 million children are at immediate risk of death without urgent action by the international community.

CRS is responding with emergency food aid, water and cash grants for the most vulnerable people, including those who have been displaced from their homes.

CRS Response

South Sudan

  • Emergency food air drops and long-term food assistance
  • Rehabilitation of water pumps and boreholes
  • Peacebuilding


  • Emergency food aid
  • Cash via mobile transfers


  • Drinking water and livestock support


  • Food assistance and water provision.

Fact Sheet

CRS South Sudan Emergency Update Factsheet- May 2017 update 
CRS Emergency Factsheet: Kenya, Somalia Drought- March 2017 update 

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Experts Available for Interviews 

To arrange for an interview with our experts listed below, contact either Nancy McNally (based in Nairobi) or Nikki Gamer (based in Baltimore, MD)

  • Jerry Farrell, CRS country representative, South Sudan
  • Lane Bunkers, CRS country representative, Kenya and Somalia
  • Mohamed Dahir, CRS emergency response coordinator, Somalia


CRS in Kenya update
Hunger Crisis in Africa
Somalia B-Roll
South Sudan Air Drop


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We have been with the people of South Sudan throughout this time of hope and peril. And we are not deserting them now.

The needs in South Sudan are dire, and the humanitarian aid has flat-lined this year.

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