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In response to the refugee crisis unfolding across Europe, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is working through our Church partners in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Albania to provide tens of thousands of people on the move with food, water, access to sanitation, medical care, and legal and translation services.

Dino Mujanovic, program manager for CRS in Serbia, is on the front lines of the crisis.

In an interview with the Jennifer Fulwiler show on SiriusXM radio, he describes the refugees in Serbia he’s met and the predicament they’re in:

“They come totally exhausted, very tired, and in a huge, desperate need for humanitarian assistance. Imagine how much they’ve traveled. You know they would have been traveling over continents, not only countries.” 

Listen to the full interview.

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Nikki Gamer

Senior Public Affairs Manager

Nikki Gamer
September 16, 2015

Based in Baltimore, MD

Nikki is the Senior Public Affairs Manager for CRS and connects journalists to regional stories and sources related to the agency’s life-saving development work. Previously, Nikki worked as the Communications Officer for the Middle East, Europe, and Central Asia. She has covered CRS’ response to the Syrian refugee crisis and the mass displacement...More