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In anticipation of a surge of refugees into southern Turkey, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is coordinating with the Turkish government to respond to their immediate needs.

Intensified fighting in and around the Syrian city of Aleppo has caused tens of thousands of Syrians to flee to the country’s Bab al-Salam border crossing. It’s expected that thousands of new refugees will make their way across the Turkish border into the southern city of Kilis.  

“This expected influx of refugees into Turkey could drastically impact the humanitarian situation on the ground, causing even more pressure to be put on neighboring countries,” said Kevin Hartigan, regional director for CRS in the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe.

Nikki Gamer

Media Relations Manager

Nikki Gamer
February 8, 2016

Based in Baltimore, MD

Nikki is the Media Relations Manager for CRS and connects journalists to regional stories and sources related to the agency’s life-saving development work. Previously, Nikki worked as the Communications Officer for the Middle East, Europe, and Central Asia. She has covered CRS’ response to the Syrian refugee crisis and the mass displacement of...More