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"Every single one of us is in terrible shape. It hasn’t rained a drop, and all we’ve eaten for four years is red cactus fruit"

Thomson Reuters Foundation posted an article by Catholic Relief Services' (CRS) Joshua Poole, the CRS country representative for Madagascar. He writes:

"Over the last decade working in humanitarian assistance, I had seen severe hunger, and 'severe acute malnutrition' as it’s often called by aid workers. But I was starting to think - and hope - that people dying of hunger had become a thing of the past because of robust investments in global food assistance and development programs that are making a difference.

But in Anjampaly [Madagacar], people have died. Eking out a living here could never have been easy; when maize harvests failed, farmers fell back on cassava, another staple which is hardier in extremely dry conditions. But these days, with climate change compounding two years of searing drought brought on by El Nino, it seems almost nothing is growing. Even cassava wilts in the hot sand."

Read the full article, 'Buried by Night' - Hunger Stalks Children of Southern Madagascar on Thomson Reuters Foundation.


Jim Stipe

Digital and Social Media Manager

Jim Stipe
November 23, 2016

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