Media CenterFrom National Catholic Register: Life Amid War, Peace Comes in the Form of South Sudan's Churches

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Violence surges through South Sudan and effects all parts of living: from education, to health and safety. In an article from National Catholic Register, Catholic Relief Services' country representative for South Sudan Jerry Farrel, talks about how CRS is responding to help those who are affected by war the most and the beauty of hope the South Sudanese people represent despite their struggles.

Even with its suffering, South Sudan is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people.

“It’s the kind of beauty you can’t put in your suitcase,” said Jerry Farrell, South Sudan’s Country Representative for Catholic Relief Services. “You just have to remember it.”

Read the full article at National Catholic Register. 



Anna Ruiz

Social Media Coordinator

Anna Ruiz
August 26, 2016

Based in Baltimore, MD

As social media coordinator for Catholic Relief Services, Anna works with the the digital and social media team to promote content on CRS' social media channels. She works to provide engaging content and strategy to promote CRS’ work in the United States through programs like CRS Rice Bowl, Ethical Trade Trade and Helping Hands. Her work includes...More