Media CenterHow the U.S. Can Respond to the European Refugee Crisis: Interview with CRS' Sean Callahan

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Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and our partners have been providing emergency assistance to refugees flooding into Europe in record numbers. The host of Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, Bob Abernethy, and Managing Editor Kim Lawton spoke with Sean Callahan, Chief Operating Officer of Catholic Relief Services, on how faith groups like CRS are responding to the urgent situation, and what the U.S. can do to help.

Callahan, who recently returned from visiting CRS programs for refugees in the Balkans, said, “What we would like to do is see, at the call of Pope Francis, that we all open our doors a little bit more, and we expedite the process. Currently for the refugees to get in it takes about 18 to 24 months for them to be reviewed, and we’d like to expedite that, because these families are in tragic situations and really need to move quick.”

Watch the full interview or read the transcript on Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.


Nikki Gamer

Media Relations Manager

Nikki Gamer
October 26, 2015

Based in Baltimore, MD

Nikki is the Media Relations Manager for CRS and connects journalists to regional stories and sources related to the agency’s life-saving development work. Previously, Nikki worked as the Communications Officer for the Middle East, Europe, and Central Asia. She has covered CRS’ response to the Syrian refugee crisis and the mass displacement of...More