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America Magazine recently released wrote an article on CRS' report that surveyed the conditions Liberians face in the upcoming elections in October. The report noted that the election could break the peace that Liberia has held since its civil war ended in 2003. From America Magazine:

"Conditions in the African state of Liberia have been driven from global headlines by more pressing crises of violence and famine in other African states like South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria. But with elections coming up in October, a study undertaken by Catholic Relief Services suggests that the international community has not done enough to help prepare Liberians for what could be a wrenching transition...According to the survey, about half of Liberians believed that the post-war reconciliation process failed to achieve its objectives. More than 80 percent of survey respondents felt that Liberians who suffered grave injury during the war did not receive justice through the national Truth and Reconciliation Commission." 

Read the full article on America Magazine.

Read the CRS survey, State of Peace, Reconciliation and Conflict in Liberia. 

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Article examines conditions Liberia face according to CRS survey..More