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This past CRS Egan Fellowship took place in Guatemala and Honduras in October 2016. The fellows visited CRS country programs and highlighted the specific causes and threats that face the youth and many families through difficult circumstances such as violence, an ongoing immigration crisis, and the effects of climate change. Egan fellow, Ashley McKinless, recalls her trip and the issues the youth is faced with beyond the border in the cover story for America.

“Thanks be to God because we are all alive when so many do not make it,” she tells them. “Don’t think of yourself as losers. You took a risk.” Some roll their eyes, others cheer. It is clear that many of them have been through this routine before. That includes Miguel, 30 years old with a sturdy build and quiet voice, who is eager to tell his story. He says he first left for the United States in 2000 at the age of 14 because there were no jobs in his small town in the north of Guatemala. He wound up in White Plains, N.Y., working as a landscaper for nine years. Six years ago, he returned to Guatemala to care for his ailing father. After his father died, he and his girlfriend, pregnant at the time, again made their way north. She made it across the border; he did not.

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Egan fellow writes cover story for America Magazine about CRS program.More