Media CenterAfter Paris Attack: CRS Tells MSNBC Why We Need to Provide More Assistance to Refugees

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In the aftermath of the horrific terrorist attack in Paris last Friday, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is praying for the victims’ families as well as all those who have suffered from extremist violence in the Middle East and Europe. CRS expresses concern over the possible backlash against assisting Syrian refugees, thousands of whom continue to arrive in Europe in search of safety. MSNBC interviews Bill O'Keefe, vice president for government relations and advocacy for Catholic Relief Services, on why the terrorist attack in Paris highlights the need to assist refugees more, not less. O'Keefe says we need to "avoid demonizing the innocent.”

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Jim Stipe

Digital and Social Media Manager

Jim Stipe
November 16, 2015

Based in Baltimore, MD

As the digital and social media manager, Jim oversees Catholic Relief Services’ social media channels, shoots photos and video, and uses digital and visual tools for creative storytelling. He also manages the CRS Newswire, which provides a range of information related to poverty and development....More