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On a recent trip to Central America, Joan Rosenhauer, Catholic Relief Services’ executive vice president for U.S. Operations, met with families to ask a simple question: Why are so many unaccompanied children leaving Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to cross into the United States? From Catholic News Service:

MEXICO CITY (CNS) -- At an immigration center for receiving busloads of deportees returning to El Salvador, Catholic Relief Services' Executive Vice President Joan Rosenhauer spoke with a widowed mother of six children who was awaiting her son.

Rosenhauer said she asked the mother why she had sent her son on the perilous journey through Mexico in an attempt to reach the United States.

"There is no hope for him here," the mother responded, explaining her inability to feed her family and the problem of gangs forcing adolescents into lives of crime.

"It gave me pause," Rosenhauer said in a telephone interview after returning from a late-August trip to Central America. "Any parent can understand doing whatever you can to protect the lives of your children and make sure that they have food to eat and a decent life."

Read the full article on Catholic News Service.

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September 11, 2014

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