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Professor Charles Camosy, moral theologian who teaches Christian ethics at Fordham University, has written a post for the Catholic Moral Theology blog making a case for why Catholic Relief Services  is an exemplar of a pro-life organization, and why Catholics should defend it against recent attacks from bloggers.
CRS has detailed, blow by blow, rejoinders to the other false charges being made against them.  If you feel strongly about these matters, please take a bit of time to get the correct information “out there” to counteract the false information.  In some ways, the stakes couldn’t be higher.  Not only is Catholic Relief Services one of the best things the Church has going for it (a shinning light for the American Catholic Church during many dark periods over the last couple decades, to be sure), but thousands and thousands of lives are literally at stake. It is an utter scandal that anyone would stop donating to CRS as a result of these false claims.  The last thing we pro-lifers should be thinking about is how to delegitimize groups like CRS.  For most of us (including me), the far more important question to ask why we don’t give them more of the money we spend on needless luxuries.  Especially if we claim the name “pro-life.”
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John Rivera
July 29, 2013

John Rivera is CRS' former communications director. He was based Baltimore, Maryland.More