Media CenterBishops Endorse CRS Work for Poorest, Most Vulnerable

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Statement of the
Executive Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholic Relief Services Delivers the Hope of Christ
to Where Human Suffering is Worst


In the name of our Catholic faith, the donors, staff, and volunteers of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) deliver life-saving food, medicine, shelter, and training to the most vulnerable of our sisters and brothers around the world.  They do this work often in remote, dangerous places that most people would fear to visit.  We extend our prayers and gratitude for this courageous witness of Christ’s mercy.

The humanitarian relief efforts of CRS are grounded in the loving teachings of the Catholic Church.  CRS stands in firm defense of life.  Criticisms to the contrary should not detract from the powerful impact your donations have on the lives of otherwise forgotten suffering populations.

We have confidence in the thorough vetting system utilized by CRS by which complaints are investigated and corrective action taken, if necessary.  CRS works alongside other relief agencies that may not share our teaching. In these instances, CRS keeps its work distinct.

We firmly stand with the personnel of Catholic Relief Services in their solidarity to the least among us. Together, we affirm the sacredness of every human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

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March 17, 2020