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Our Current Prayer

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As Catholics, we recognize that prayer is of the utmost importance. In our mission to act with the Church to serve people around the world, we begin with prayer. 



Come, God of the Vulnerable


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A woman in a village near Matehuala, Mexico

Father in heaven,

We didn’t see them

but you did—

the hundreds and thousands of human beings

trafficked each year to join the millions who are trapped

in modern-day slavery.

Under terrible conditions, they work in factories, plough fields,

harvest crops, work quarries,

fill brothels, clean homes and haul water.

Many are children with tiny fingers for weaving rugs

and small shoulders for bearing rifles.

Their labor is forced, their bodies beaten, their faces hidden

from those who don’t really want to see them.

But you see them all, God of the vulnerable.

You hear their cries and you answer by

opening our eyes, and breaking our hearts

and loosening our tongues to insist:

No más. No more.





Light a Virtual Votive

"In prayer, God keeps calling us, opening our hearts to charity."

— Pope Francis

Light a candle and say a prayer for your loved ones and our brothers and sisters around the world. Your intentions will be remembered at Mass offered by priests who are part of the Catholic Relief Services' Global Fellows program.