CRS West Regional Office

The CRS West Regional Office informs and engages Catholics throughout the western United States in the work of global solidarity. The region prioritizes relationships between the people of our country and the people overseas.

The first of five domestic regional offices, CRS West provides opportunities for engagement to dioceses, institutions and faith-based groups in the western states. The office represents the fastest-growing region for the Catholic Church in the United States, with increasing numbers of Asian and Hispanic American Catholics. CRS West covers the following states: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington State.

The region includes 2,000 parishes in 26 dioceses with a population of more than 14 million Catholics. The regional director and staff are the primary CRS points of contact for the following groups:

  • Dioceses and parishes
  • Universities, Religious communities
  • Catholic schools
  • Parish youth programs
  • Faith-based groups.

The office also collaborates with CRS national staff on charitable giving, media and public outreach.


CRS West is committed to representing CRS in the western states, serving Catholics through diocesan and other institutional structures, and building awareness of our work and the needs of the poor by providing resources and opportunities for engagement in global solidarity activities.


  • To ensure that all diocesan ministries in the region recognize that they are challenged by the call to global solidarity, and that they are offered appropriate opportunities to respond to that call.
  • To inform and enable educational institutions, social service institutions and networks, and other faith-based groups in responding to the call for global solidarity in their respective ministries.
  • To project CRS and the Catholic Church as a serva leader and a voice for the poor and marginalized in the promotion of charity and justice in the world to Catholics in the United States and society in the western states.
  • To increase support for CRS activities and programs, both domestic and overseas.

CRS West Partner Gathering Documents