Global Fellows

Clergy Engagement

One component of CRS’ clergy continuum involves engaging clergy through the Global Fellows program. Through the program, clergy become engaged in our Gospel call to help our brothers and sisters overseas—and engage parishioners around the world.

CRS Global Fellows

CRS Global Fellows share personal stories from their experiences traveling to witness the work of Catholic Relief Services. Through engaging homilies and presentations, Global Fellows share how your parish, school or diocese can respond to the needs of the world’s poorest communities.

What can a CRS Global Fellow do?

CRS Global Fellows are priests and deacons who have been trained and vetted to represent Catholic Relief Services in dioceses across the United States. They are available to deliver homilies, give presentations and trainings at large community events, and speak during school assemblies or during a weekend liturgy. They will describe, firsthand, the work of CRS and provide concrete examples of how you can help CRS end poverty around the world.

The Global Fellows do not take a second collection at any of their events, and there is no cost to the diocese or the host.

Meet the CRS Global Fellows.