Respond to the Hunger Crisis in Africa

Photo by Heidi Yanulis for CRS

A drought is a compound crisis. It robs people of their harvest, creating a hunger emergency; it sends workers away from their families looking for work, creating a stability emergency; it keeps children home from school so they can help search for the families' food, creating an education emergency; and it makes a weakened populace more susceptible to disease, creating a health emergency.

All through salvation history, the God who fed the Israelites in the desert has keenly understood our vulnerability to hunger. Even as the Lord spoke to us about the bread of eternal life, he first demonstrated by feeding the multitudes the bread of this world.

God wants his children to be fed. He wants crops to prosper and children to flourish. And as the crisis of drought unfolds in Africa—a crisis exacerbated by El Niño weather patterns, but also by human activity—we his children are moved to respond, in our prayers and in our works. Join with us as CRS responds in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and South Sudan with emergency food aid, water and vocational training for the most vulnerable people, including those who have been displaced from their homes.

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