Attendees at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, pray together before a CRS Helping Hands event, where they would pack thousands of meals to be delivered to Burkina Faso.  Photo by Philip Laubner/CRS

Monthly Prayer Archives

Photo by Philip Laubner/CRS

Each month, Catholic Relief Services publishes a new prayer that we ask the US Church to join us in praying. Seeking God's guidance together, we are drawn closer together, and perhaps get a peek beyond the veil at the Kingdom he has promised, as together we work to make that Kingdom a reality for all. We ask that God strengthen us and draw us closer to him as we do his work in the world.

Below, please view our archives of prayers from past months. Our current prayer can be found here.


Song of Our Lady of the Highways


"Song of Our Lady of the Highways"

As many today set out in vulnerability on the most dangerous roads, we ask that none go forth without Our Lady and her grace

Themes: Advent, Mary, Migration, Refugees, Solidarity, Protection


"Not Because Our Tables Are Full"

A prayer of joyful thanksgiving to the Lord, not merely for full tables, pantries, and bellies, but for the gift of full hearts

Themes: Thanks, Thanksgiving, Hunger, Solidarity, Compassion


"The Coffee Prayer"

A prayer for all those people who work to make the coffee we drink, at any stage of production

Themes: Agriculture, Coffee, Solidarity, Ethical Trade


"Benediction for a New School Year"

A prayer to bless a school community as a new session opens

Themes: School, Education, Grace



"Prayer of the Global Family"

A prayer asking God to help us recognize family in each of His children, to know them as brothers and sisters, and to embrace as families ought

Themes: Family, Solidarity, Compassion, Charity


"Pilgrims of Solidarity"

A prayer of solidarity with refugees, migrants and victims of human trafficking everywhere

Themes: Pilgrimage, Solidarity, Migration, Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation


"Teach Us a Work Song"

A prayer that God may fill our hearts and our communites with song as we set to doing His work in the world.

Themes: Work, Dignity of Work, Develpment


"Hagar, Look Up"

A prayer that all mothers and their children may find access to all they need to survive and flourish

Themes: Mothers, Hunger, Water


”Empty This Tomb“

An Easter prayer, asking that we may be transformed in body and soul, recognizing our Lord in his dying and his rising as we reach out to our brothers and sisters

Themes: Easter, Resurrection, Solidarity


"Show Me My Neighbor"

A prayer asking that God show us the neighbor he has called on us to love, and to help us embrace that calling

Themes: Lent, The Good Samaritan, Prayer, Love


"Prayer of Lenten Solidarity"

A prayer that, as we enter into Lent, the Lord may bring us into deeper solidarity with our global family

Themes: Lent, Global Solidarity, Hunger, Fasting, Justice


"A Cry of Peace: A Prayer for the World Day of Peace“

A prayer of peace, to say together as we mark the World Day of Peace on January 1

Themes: Peace, World Day of Peace, Christmas, Beatitudes








December "Today and All Days" "Hoy y todos los días" Advent, Christmas, Incarnation, St. Bernard of Claivaux
November "Song of Solidarity" "Canción de Solidaridad" Solidarity, "The Confetior," Migration, Care for Creation, Social Equality, Advocacy, Romans 12:4–5, 1 Corinthians 12:12–31
October "Litany of Our Lady of Latin America" "Letania de Nuestra Señora de América Latina" Mary, Marian Devotions, Latin America, Grace, Migration
September "Prayer for an End to Human Trafficking" "Oración por el fin de la trata de personas" Human Trafficking, Slavery, Child Exploitation, Solidarity, Advocacy
August "The Traveler's Prayer" "La oración del viajero" Mary, Our Lady of the Highways, Travel, Solidarity, Migration
July "A City on a Mountain"   Nation, Generosity, Light of the World
June "No Place Too Desolate: A Prayer for Those Facing Hunger Crisis in Africa" "No hay lugar demasiado desolado: Una oración por los que se enfrentan a la crisis del hambre en África" Hunger, Feeding of the Multitudes, Drought
May "A Mother's Love: A Prayer of Our Lady of Fatima" "El amor de una Madre: Una oración de Nuestra Señora de Fátima" Motherhood, Mary, War, Disease, Grace
April "Litany of Mercy"   Divine Mercy, St. Faustina, compassion
March "Remain Here and Keep Watch with Me"   Lent, Solidarity, Matthew 26:38
February "Christ Reign"   Christ the King, submission, justice, The Great Commission, The Kingdom of God
January "Prayer for Aleppo" "Oración por Alepo" Syria, endangered children, The Good Shepherd





December "Surely There Is Still a Song" Advent, Christmas, The Magnificat, hope
November "Litany of Thanksgiving" Thanks, Charity, Grace, Solidarity, Corporal Works of Mercy
October "The Coffee Prayer" Coffee, Solidarity, Ethical Trade, Agriculture
September "The Children of the Tides" Education, Refugees, Refugee Children
August "'I Thirst': A Prayer Inspired By Mother Teresa of Calcutta" Mother Teresa, Solidarity, Compassion, Charitable Works
July "The Key That Opens Every Cage" Liberty, Hunger, Human Trafficking, Exploitation, Addiction
June "Together in Your Grace" Solidarity, Protection, Refugees, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Agriculture
May "Holy Women of God, Pray for Us" Women, Easter, Saints, Corporal Works of Mercy
April "The Hands of Christ the Healer" Health, Illness
March "Our True Homeland Is Heaven" Lent, Easter, Migration, Refugees, Salvation, John Paul II
February "Prayer of the Wilderness" Lent, Mercy, Sacrifice, Solidarity
January "Vessels of Mercy" Mercy, Year of Mercy, Compassion, Outreach





December "Something in Me Wants to Be Born in Winter" Advent, Christmas, Hope, Mercy, Mary
November "In Thanksgiving for Blessings Unknown" Thanksgiving, Protection, Emergencies, Grace
October "Your Work in All Works" Labor, The Church, Unity, Gifts of the Spirit
September "A Family Blessing" Families, Protection, The Trinity, Our Global Family
August "Lord, Protect the Child" Children, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Protection, Solidarity, Exploitation
July "I Must Turn Back" Liberty, Freedom, Slavery, Solidarity
June "May I Speak Out" Advocacy, Solidarity, Bl. Oscar Romero, Human Dignity, Poverty, Justice
May "Mother of All Nations" Mary, Motherhood, Emergencies, Justice
April "Break Open the Tomb" Resurrection, Easter, Salvation, Faith, Solidarity
March "If I Must Refrain" Lent, Solidarity, Abstaining, Hunger, Grace
February "The Tears of Solidarity" Solidarity, Advocacy, Emergencies, Injustice, Faith
January "That I May Find You There" Epiphany, Solidarity, Outreach, Matthew 25:40





December "There Is a Light in This World" Advent, Christmas, Peace, Faith, Hope, Light
November "This Is Why" Thanks, Emergencies, Compassion, Faith, Charity
October "May It Please You" Care for Creation, Ecology, Labor, Water, Agriculture
September "Prayer of Good Gifts" Children, Protection, Refugee Children. Luke 11:11
August "Call Us Forth" Solidarity, The Good Shepherd, Christian Vocation, Advocacy, Encounter, Mission
July "Set All Captives Free" Luke 4:14–21, Isaiah 61: 1–2, Liberty, Freedom, Slavery, Solidarity
June "Lord of All Labor" Work, Labor, Building of the Kingdom, Creation, Dignity, Solidarity
May "Make All Things New" Easter, Resurrection, Women, Girls, Mary
April "Prayer of Giving" Charity, Love, Solidarity
March "Meet Me in the Desert" Lent, Easter, Solidarity, Abstaining, Penance, Sacrifice, Encounter
February "Fill Us to Bursting" 1 Kings 17:8–16, Matthew 14:13–21, Hunger, Obedience, Abundance, Compassion, Bread of Life
January "In Our Lifetimes Alone" Faith, Doubt, Optimism, Peace, Dignity, Good Works