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About Our Campaigns

Our faith calls us to believe. To serve. To lead. At this pivotal time when COVID-19 is impacting health, societies and economies around the globe, we can come together as missionary disciples to make a difference.

Join a powerful movement of advocacy and action to transform our world. Leading the way begins now. We come together as a community and as individuals to pray, learn and take meaningful action to help those who will suffer the most from this global pandemic: migrants and refugees, communities that lack access to enough food and nutrition and people living in poverty.

Together we are building a movement to end global poverty. As people of faith, we are called to create a more just and peaceful world for all. Now is the time. Will you answer the call?

Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Urge Congress to provide basic needs like clean water and soap to vulnerable communities.


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Current Campaigns

Resources to Lead the Way

Find resources and tools to pray, learn, take action and inspire your community to support our brothers and sisters most in need around the world.

Lead the Way: Action Calendar

Use this calendar for key dates to reflect and take action to address forced migration and end world hunger at home and in your community.  



Visit our action center to live out your faith though advocacy and giving. Find how-to guides to build your skills, mobilize your community and make a transformative difference.

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