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Welcome Club Leaders!

Throughout history and around the world today, young people are the most active change-makers striving to alter the systems and structures that reinforce global inequity and inequality. When young people raise their voices in the halls of power, they use their passion and energy to lead the way to a better world for all people.

Students in Catholic schools across the country have demonstrated this same passion and energy to serve people around the world who struggle against the effects of poverty, conflict, natural disasters and systems of oppression.

Through CRS Clubs at their schools, student leaders will learn ways to lift their voices and create real, positive change in the world by advocating and fundraising around pressing global issues. By acting together, these young leaders can take action to be change-makers now and grow their skills to be the influencers of positive change into the future.

Club Documents

Our faith calls us to action. When we come together, our collective actions make an even bigger impact. The following documents were developed to help your Club be as successful as possible in taking action to build a better world.

Club Advisor Handbook

Club Advisors can use this handbook to understand the expectations and available resources to help their Clubs have a successful year.


Student Leader Handbook

CRS Clubs are led by dedicated, talented and passionate Student Leaders. This handbook will help those students to hold meetings, plan events that engage their community and execute impactful advocacy and fundraising actions.


CRS Club Action Calendar

This resource gives guidance to Club Advisors and Student Leaders as they plan their yearly fundraising and advocacy actions.


Photo Release Form

We would love to have permission to use your photos in promotional materials. Please complete this form or confirm if students have signed a release as part of their connection to the school.

Download in English
Download in Spanish

Advocacy Resources

Fall Advocacy Action Guide

Student Leaders and Club Advisors should use this guide to help them plan their Fall Advocacy Action.


Spring Advocacy Action Guide

Student Leaders and Club Advisors should use this guide to help them plan their Spring Advocacy Action.


What is Advocacy?

This resource helps Club Members understand what advocacy is as a concept. Club Members should read this document as part of their preparation for Training Session Two.


Fundraising Resources

CRS Community Fundraisers

Our faith teaches us that we should serve the immediate needs of our global family through charitable works. Your school’s generosity through fundraising helps us meet the needs of those who are most vulnerable right now. Follow this link for three possible ways to fundraise: CRS Ark of Hope, CRS Table of Thanks, and Create Your Own Fundraiser.

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How to Fundraise

Fundraising serves women, men and children around the world by helping CRS provide lifesaving support, spur innovation and promote sustainable development. Download this resource for tips on how to take action through fundraising.


CRS Fundraising Guidelines

These legal guidelines will help ensure that your CRS Club’s fundraiser is successful and will help you answer any questions regarding tax-deduction and receipts.

Download in English
Download in Spanish

National Calls

Each month, the broader CRS Chapter network gathers virtually for a meeting where expert guest speakers present on several topics. National calls also include trainings to support Chapter actions. CRS Club Advisors are invited to join in these calls and share appropriate segments of subsequent recordings with their Club Members.

This Month's Action Guide: Download in English
This Month's Featured Guest: Representative Joaquin Castro
Training Topic: Virtual Congressional Visits

You Can Lead The Way

In a powerful movement, we come together as a community and as individuals to pray, learn and take meaningful action to help all members of our global family to thrive. Together with people across the country, CRS Clubs help lead the way to a better world.

Explore prayers, stories, videos and resources for action for each of CRS’ current campaigns to end global poverty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our FAQs for more information. Click [+] to display each answer.

As communities of people committed to serving the poor and ending global poverty, CRS Clubs will take action that contributes to CRS’ mission to create transformational change for our global human family.

ADVOCACY: Clubs will work to address the systemic causes of global poverty by developing relationships with their members of Congress, visiting their members’ offices and raising the national profile of pivotal issues like forced migration and malnutrition.

FUNDRAISING: Clubs will support the immediate and long-term needs of our brothers and sisters around the world through giving activities. These activities will allow CRS to be agile and respond to people’s immediate needs as well as help CRS leverage additional funding to reach even more people.

BENEFITS FOR STUDENT MEMBERS: CRS Club Members will gain leadership skills that will allow them to mobilize their communities and make tangible action towards building a better world. They will have the opportunity to build relationships with both their school community and the offices of their members of Congress.

BENEFITS FOR CLUB ADVISORS: Club Advisors will have the opportunity to network with schools and other institutions across the U.S. In addition, there will be future opportunities for regional and national gatherings and travel around the world to witness CRS programming first-hand. Lastly, Club Advisors can lead the way to demonstrating their school’s dedication to Catholic social teaching and global service.

No, there is no fee to join or start a CRS Club.

No, you do not need to be Catholic to join or start a CRS Club. All people are welcomed and encouraged to participate in CRS Clubs.

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