Strengthening Resilience and Peace in Mozambique: Policy Recommendations for the GFA

The Global Fragility Act (GFA) helps our government tackle the root causes of conflict and violence by mandating an inter-agency strategy (among the State Department, USAID, and the Department of Defense) to coordinate stabilization activities in priority areas around the world, including Mozambique.

With regards to GFA implementation in Mozambique, CRS urges the US government to adopt a strategy that:

  1. Generates an environment for youth to thrive.
  2. Invests in civil society.
  3. Commits to diplomatic and security support.
  4. Ensures programming is flexible.

Since establishing a Mozambique country office in 2017, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has been delivering emergency and development programs that build trust, strengthen livelihoods, and support disaster and conflict-affected communities through their recovery. The GFA presents a fresh opportunity for the United States government to rethink its basic assumptions, strategies, and implementation efforts around global conflict prevention and stability.

Published November 2022