Grand Bargain 2022: Time for Action and Accountability


CRS ardently supports the Grand Bargain’s continued vision of a more effective, efficient and equitable humanitarian system, and remains committed to advancing its key priorities of localization and quality funding. Recognizing that there has been some progress, looking ahead, it is clear that for the Grand Bargain to effect lasting change, this year’s efforts must include concrete actions paired with increased accountability for progress towards its goals.

CRS calls on the Grand Bargain Secretariat and community to hold signatories accountable for:

  • The 25% funding target
  • Use of a uniform, clear and fair process for reporting on progress
  • Evidence of meaningful partnerships and investment in holistic capacity
  • Support opportunities for active participation and leadership of local actors throughout humanitarian response
  • Equitable and accountable risk sharing

Download the full statement for more information. For any questions, please contact [email protected].

August 2022