CRS’ Commitments for the second COVID-19 Summit

Ahead of the second global COVID-19 Summit, Catholic Relief Services has made a series of commitments ahead of the Summit to demonstrate our continued commitment to push towards global vaccination goals, while addressing the long-lasting economic and social impacts of COVID-19. As reflected in a summary of these commitments below, CRS holds fast to the Catholic Social Teachings of solidarity and the preferential option for the poor and vulnerable.

Vaccinate the World

Catholic Relief Services commits to work with its in-country teams to increase vaccine coverage and uptake, directly supporting COVID-19 vaccinations in 22 countries and mobilizing at-risk populations in over 100 countries. CRS will engage local stakeholders to facilitate collaboration and connect local partners with donors to advance localized funding. CRS will mobilize American Catholics to advocate for an equitable global response and will engage with peer organizations through the INGO COVID-19 Vaccine Collaborative. 

Save Lives Now

Catholic Relief Services commits to leveraging its network of over 1500 partners to communicate essential information to reduce COVID-19 transmission, illness and death. CRS will serve as the Global Fund C19RM lead in Republic of Congo, Guinea, Mali, Niger and Sierra Leone, leading on procurement for tests and other commodities. CRS will address the secondary impacts of COVID-19, such as education disruption, the loss of primary caregivers, fraying social cohesion, and increasing hunger and malnutrition. 

Build Better Health Security

Catholic Relief Services commits to using its available resources to identify, finance, and fill gaps in health systems in the countries in which it operates. CRS will continue implementing activities to address vaccine hesitancy, conducting primary research to inform vaccine strategies, supporting faith-based organizations, and financing critical health workforce trainings. Further, CRS will continue to work with Ministries of Health and other health service providers to strengthen the capacity of resilient health systems.

Click Here to see a video address about CRS’ COVID-19 Summit commitments from Mawuli Sablah, our regional technical advisor for health for the West Africa Region.

Updated May 2022