Centering African voices for a renewed US-Africa Policy


As we enter the “African Century,” the United States’ orientation towards the continent should be revamped to match the remarkable growth in the continent’s first two decades of the 21st century. As the youngest and fastest growing continent while also resource rich, the subcontinent has also struggled to develop at the same rate as other regions. Leading up to the second African leaders’ summit to take place in late 2022, CRS seeks to inform a forthcoming strategy on sub-Saharan Africa. We seek to promote African voices from the agency who have worked on the frontlines of humanitarian and development assistance, providing insight into the challenges and opportunities based on a series of focus groups and stakeholder interviews. 

Charting a path forward for a renewed US-Africa Policy:

  1. Invest in the continent’s economic promise
    • Youth are the source of Africa’s biggest challenge and opportunity
    • Technology and innovation pose a great opportunity for the region
    • Increase economic gains from the wealth of raw materials Africa produces
    • Increased intra-continental movement and collaboration
  2. Promote a safe and stable environment
    • Lack of good governance and a growing culture of corruption are major challenges
    • Conflict and insecurity continue to be a pressing challenge across Africa
    • Africa is predicted to face some of the greatest challenges posed by climate change
    • Food insecurity is a consistent challenge
  3. Develop meaningful partnership through local leadership and localization
    • Local civil society is essential for effective development and humanitarian response
    • Promote local solutions by making market-based approaches for food assistance more accessible

Published June 2022

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