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Rick Jones

Youth and Migration Advisor in Latin America and the Caribbean

Based in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Having lived in El Salvador for more than 20 years, Rick has born witness to the endemic violence plauging Central America, which has forced tens of thousands of families to migrate north. Rick's work with CRS addresses violence as a root cause of migration and includes violence-prevention programming that gives young people job training and shows them an alternative to gang life.

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Rick Jones is a youth and migration advisor in Latin America and the Caribbean for Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Rick has lived and worked in Latin America for over 28 years, working for CRS for the past 20. Currently based in El Salvador, he has led CRS programs that tackle issues such as poverty, gang violence, migration and internal displacement, as well as designing development alternatives and responding to the region's biggest emergencies.

Areas of Expertise

Central American Migration, El Salvador Gang Violence, Gang Violence in the North Triangle, Guatemala Gang Violence, Honduras Gang Violence, Poverty in Central America, Push Factors of Migration, The Northern Triangle, Youth Build


The Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies 
M.A., International Relations

Boston College
B.S., English Literature