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Ian Moise

Global Water Security Lead

Based in Baltimore, MD.

Ian leads CRS' global water strategy in an effort to bring clean water to every town, village, city and country. Together, he and his staff work on several water-oriented projects, including ways to combat water scarcity due to climate change.

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Ian Moise leads Catholic Relief Services' (CRS) global strategy tied to clean water, water scarcity due to climate change, agriculture productivity and pollution. As part of his job, Ian advises staff all over the world on water-oriented projects in a variety of sectors, including water and sanitation; agriculture; and water finance and governance. Over the course of his career, Ian has worked in nearly 40 countries.

Before beginning his career with CRS in 2018, Ian worked for the United States Peace Corps; the United States Agency for International Development; and the World Bank, among other organizations.

Areas of Expertise

Climate Change, Governance, Hygiene and Sanitation, Water, Water Finance, Water Scarcity


University of Oregon
M.S., Environmental Studies, Science and Policy

University of California, Santa Barbara
B.A., Psychology