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Carla Ortiz

Regional Field Director

Carla Ortiz is the Regional Field Director for the CRS Southwest Regional office. Carla represents CRS senior management and she will oversee and support the CRS Southwest team in their efforts to build awareness on global issues, education and mobilize the Catholic community in the West Region for acts of global solidarity. The Southwest Region's work is accomplished primarily with and through the various ministries of Catholic dioceses and other Catholic institutions. As the CRS Southwest Regional Director, Carla will report to the Senior Director for Regional Outreach, and coordinate with other CRS divisions, especially Communications, Charitable Giving and Overseas Operations.

Her role as Regional Director for the Southwest Region is to:

  • Represent CRS with Church institutions and others in CRS efforts to raise awareness, educate and engage Catholics.

  • Support and strengthen the partnership with diocesan and other Catholic institutions.

  • Develop relationships with universities and other faith communities and organizations in order to broaden awareness of CRS and promote greater engagement in global solidarity.

  • Provide feedback to CRS from the viewpoint of our constituents in the West on CRS programs, resources and policies.


Carla E. (Aguilar) Ortiz holds a bachelor’s degree in English/communication arts and a master’s degree in international relations with an emphasis on international conflict resolution from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX. Prior to joining CRS Southwest in January 2010, Carla worked in the fundraising/special event planning field. She also served as the director of communications and development for Merced Housing Texas, a faith-based affordable housing agency, and worked as a reporter for several Spanish media publications. As Regional Director, Carla is responsible for the overall outreach and relationship development of dioceses in the CRS Southwest region. She educates and informs Catholics and others on global issues via workshops, trainings, etc., and provides opportunities for active engagement of dioceses in various CRS programming.