Risk Management & Compliance

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At CRS, we treat risk management and compliance as an operational imperative. We understand that in today's complex and dynamic business environment, managing risks and ensuring compliance are essential for achieving our mission and creating value for the people we serve. We are motivated by our guiding principles to act responsibly and with integrity, to make sound judgments and to always strive to do no harm in our service to others. That's why CRS is committed to operating with the highest ethical standards and to nurturing an operating environment that respects and values CRS employees, partners, donors, and beneficiaries.

Our commitment to ethical operations is manifested in our Risk Management & Compliance Framework. Our Framework, aligns with industry standards, addresses all aspects of our agency's operations, and adapts to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our stakeholders. Through application of our Framework, CRS assesses, monitors, and mitigates risks, complies with relevant laws, regulations and policies, and supports its motivating priority to uphold at all times the sacredness and dignity of every human life.

Below you can find links to documents that represent critical aspects of CRS’ Risk Management & Compliance Framework.