Summer Intern Projects

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Summer Intern Projects

The Domestic Summer Internship program at CRS includes a collaborative intern project. Interns are asked to create and execute a group project. Group projects can promote important intellectual and social skills, and help prepare interns for a work world in which teamwork and collaboration are increasingly the norm.

DSIP Intern Project 8.3

This project focused on a fun way to learn the meaning of several CRS acronyms by randomly querying staff at various locations in the building. 

CRS 2014 Summer Intern Project: CRS “Happy” in Baltimore

Our 2014 summer interns created and produced this CRS Happy in Baltimore video using iMovie.


CRS 2015 Summer Intern Project: Humans of Baltimore

This 2015 summer intern project was aimed at connecting C RS headquarters to the surrounding Baltimore community by capturing pictures and thoughts of people around the city.