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Stories From Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe Farmers Fight Poverty With Water

An irrigation canal and modern business practices are freeing farmers from the daily struggle of providing for their families. »»

Microfinance: Saving Money, Changing Lives

Zimbabwe's Masakhane savings and lending group members earn dividends of financial stability, independence and respect. »»

Livestock Gift Lifts Family Out of Poverty

Sipho Ncube is just one of thousands of Zimbabweans who have escaped poverty and built personal wealth by breeding poultry and goats. »»

What We're Thankful for This Week

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take this opportunity to count our many blessings. »»

Forum Highlights Progress in Combating HIV

Over two days in Washington, AIDSRelief was praised for "doing the impossible." »»

Simple Farming Delivers 10 Times the Corn

Hoes, small pits and controlled planting are increasing crop yields by tenfold for Zimbabwean farmers using conservation agriculture techniques. »»

Cholera Risk Persists in Zimbabwe

Although cholera programs have drastically reduced cases in Zimbabwe in recent months, many fear a new outbreak when rains next arrive. »»

Spend A Day With A Zimbabwe Orphan On Twitter

Brenda Ndapasuwa takes you through a typical day in her life in Zimbabwe in celebration of International Youth Day. »»

Advocates Deliver Care, Guidance to Zimbabwe Orphans

Profound hardships await Zimbabwe's legions of orphans, but so do effective programs and caregivers with open arms. »»

Sisters Grow Needed Food With 'Container Garden'

At age 89, Zimbabwean Agnes Moyo works a "container garden" to grow extra food for her sister and great-granddaughter. »»

Parents Support Each Other and Kids With HIV

Mothers and guardians of children with HIV in Zimbabwe are coming together to improve care and reduce discrimination through frank talk. »»

World AIDS Day

Leading up to World AIDS Day on December 1, CRS is recognizing the lives and amazing efforts of people living with HIV around the world. »»

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