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Stories From Zambia

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Ultimate Freedom Comes From God

Generous spirits support CRS' work—not to cause dependency, but to spread freedom and independence. »»

Extending God's Healing Touch

Your support of CRS delivers the promise of abundant life by bringing health care to many of the poorest, most remote corners of the world. »»

Local Church Group Takes Reins of HIV Care

A CRS-led AIDSRelief consortium in Zambia takes the reins of HIV care, including testing and treatment, across the country. »»

Paging Dr. Haloka: More HIV Care for Zambians

Zambians with HIV receive exceptional medical care thanks to a new AIDSRelief-supported HIV residency program for local doctors. »»

What We're Thankful for This Week

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take this opportunity to count our many blessings. »»

Forum Highlights Progress in Combating HIV

Over two days in Washington, AIDSRelief was praised for "doing the impossible." »»

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