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Ring The Bell, an AIDS Awareness Activity

This activity is great for high school or college groups. Picture this. It's lunchtime, and there are lots of students bustling around. In the background, they hear the sound of a hand bell rung once every 15 seconds. At the same time, other students hand out red ribbons pinned to HIV fact sheets.

Last year, approximately 2,000,000 mothers, fathers, sons and daughters around the world died of AIDS-related causes. That's approximately 1 person every 15 seconds. This simple yet profound activity aims to raise awareness of HIV in your community, as well as to reduce the stigma often inflicted on those who are living positively with the disease.

Items Needed

Order your own singing bowl.

Step 1: Reserve the Space

Reserve table space through your school, parish, university or community. It should be in a high-traffic area.

Step 2: Gather students

Sign up volunteers for half-hour slots.

Step 3: Prepare the Material

Photocopy this handout-2008.pdfhandout and cut into thirds. Be sure to add contact information for your local testing and counseling site. Purchase red ribbon and pins from a local fabric store. Cut, fold and pin the ribbons to the handout.

Download additional HIV and AIDS materials from the CRS World AIDS Day site. Make a donation to benefit CRS HIV and AIDS programs around the world. CRS is involved with over 250 HIV and AIDS projects in 52 countries.

Step 4: Alert the Media

Call your school or community paper and invite them to do an article about your event. Write a letter to the editor about World AIDS Day. Here are some more tips for informing the media about your World AIDS Day events.

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