Other Gifts

Gold and Other Precious Metals

In general, the IRS considers gold and other precious metals to be collectibles, which means they're subject to a 28% capital gains tax (some exceptions apply). Instead of selling a collectible, consider helping Catholic Relief Services serve those in need by providing a gift of gold or another precious metal. As a bonus, you'll avoid the capital gains tax and enjoy a charitable income tax deduction.


Personal Property and Other Assets

By donating artwork, antiques, jewelry, collections and other assets to CRS, you are answering many prayers overseas. Because of the nature of our work, CRS in most cases requests that you consider selling the item and donating the proceeds instead. We consider each item on its own merits.


If you want to explore various planned giving opportunities, we're here to help:

Richard Balmadier, Director of Planned Giving
[email protected]
800-235-2772, ext. 7251