Gifts of Securities

Outright gifts of appreciated securities—stocks, bonds and mutual funds—are a meaningful way for you to help Catholic Relief Services respond to the immediate needs of our one human family.

Donating stock is a great way to give and receive. When you give stock that you’ve held for more than a year, your gift and your charitable tax deduction are for the current fair market value, even if the cost basis was much lower. You also avoid the capital gains tax on the appreciated amount.

Making gifts of securities is easy! You can transfer most gifts of stocks electronically from your brokerage account to the CRS brokerage account.

Getting Started

Before you initiate a gift of securities to CRS, please notify CRS so that we can promptly identify and acknowledge your gift:

Contact: Donor Services Department
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-235-2772

Instructions for transferring your gift may vary depending on how you hold the securities.

  1. To transfer your shares held with your broker directly to the CRS brokerage account, provide your broker/agent with the following information:

CRS broker:
Bank contact person:
DTC number:
CRS account number:

Wilmington Trust
Paula Warrenfeltz

So that CRS may promptly identify your gift, request that your broker reference your name on the stock transfer.

  1. If your securities gift is held in a mutual fund or in statement form, please contact our Donor Services Department for instructions.
  2. If your securities are in certificate form, please contact our Donor Services Department and request a CRS stock mailer kit so you can send your certificate safely through the mail.

I Want to Donate My Securities to Open a CRS Gift Annuity

The instructions above are for outright gifts of securities only and are not for securities donated to open a CRS Gift Annuity.

NOTE: If you wish to start a gift annuity with a stock gift, please contact Erin Mathews directly and disregard the above instructions for outright stock gifts.

For more information on how to donate your securities to open a CRS Gift Annuity, we're here to help:

Erin Mathews, Planned Giving Specialist
[email protected]
800-235-2772, ext. 7409