Water and Sanitation

Every Day Is World Water Day

A young boy in Pula Aceh, Indonesia, gets cleaned up at a tap provided by Catholic Relief Services. Photo by Sean Sprague for CRS

Nothing is as essential to survival as water, and although nearly a billion people lack access to it, you are helping CRS bring clean water to those in need each day. Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS


Men build eco-latrines at a community school. Eco-Friendly Latrines in Bolivia's Highlands
CRS and local partners introduce waterless latrines to meet the water and sanitation needs of people living in two extremely different environments.

Thanks to a rehabilitated irrigation canal, Beauty Tshuma can now plant and harvest enough crops to sell in local markets. Zimbabwe Farmers Fight Poverty With Water
An irrigation canal and modern business practices are freeing farmers from the daily struggle of providing for their families.

Bebing Gabutan. Testing the Waters in Postflood Philippines
Ironically, dirty water is helping Philippines flood survivors determine whether they can drink it or not.

Thanks to drought-resistant seeds and irrigation methods introduced by CRS and our partner in Madagascar, farmer Robin Rasamimanana has a heartier maize crop despite rain shortages. Pumping Up Food Production in Dry Madagascar
Treadle pumps and drought-resistant seeds are helping farmers extend their fields and feed their families and communities.

Catholic Resources

Learn more about how Catholic organizations are working to provide access to clean water and sanitation to people around the world.

Water access infographic

Tanzania's Hand-Washing Generation


Meet 13-year-old Filomena. She's part of the hand-washing generation.

Bringing Sanitation to Bolivia's Highlands

Neisa Challco

Eco-friendly latrines, potable water pumps and proper hand-washing techniques bring water and sanitation solutions to Bolivia's diverse La Paz region. Learn more.