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Stories From Vietnam

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In Vietnam, Changing Lives of Kids With Disabilities

Children with disabilities in Vietnam are often isolated and stigmatized. All that changes when CRS brings in teachers and therapists. »»

Putting Children First in Vietnam

Thanks to a unique CRS program, a thousand children with disabilities are less hungry, in less pain and can learn more. »»

Getting Vietnam's Kids Off the Street

In big cities, Vietnamese street children face hunger, poverty, trafficking and drugs. A CRS partner is helping rescue their childhoods. »»

Saving Lives in Vietnam

In parts of Vietnam where unexploded bombs still threaten residents, CRS helps people avoid injury and death from the still dangerous weapons. »»

In Vietnam, Bombs From the Past Are A Present Danger

Unexploded bombs from the 1970s threaten Vietnam's children and farmers today. CRS teaches them how to avoid tragedy. »»

Storms, Quakes Rock Asia-Pacific Regions

Typhoons, earthquakes and monsoon rains killed hundreds and left millions homeless in Southeast Asia, India and islands in the Pacific Rim. »»

Seeking Survivors After Asian-Pacific Catastrophes

With millions left homeless, CRS and our partners seek more survivors and increase commitments to deliver help. »»

Wave of Destruction Hits Asia-Pacific Region

Catholic Relief Services has committed $1 million to a multi-pronged emergency response after a string of disasters in the Asia-Pacific region. »»

Program Ensures Inclusive Education in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the disabled fight an uphill battle to receive an education. »»

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