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'You Have One Teacher'

You're a Teacher

Father Joseph Otto

Father Joseph Otto of St. Theresa Parish in Magwi, South Sudan, says Mass every day even if no one attends. Photo by Karen Kasmauski for CRS

Whether you're a parent, a friend, a professional teacher or a catechist, you educate many of the people you come into contact with each day. As a supporter of Catholic Relief Services, you're a global educator. Every type of work you champion—from distributing food, to promoting good health, to supplying safe, clean water—can contain an education component. In fact, most of these programs do.

Education Improves All Lives

Train one farmer to grow more and healthier crops and you've helped feed a community. Show moms how to improve their children's nutrition and you have nurtured a healthier family. Teach a few people how to maintain their newly installed village well and you've supplied water for a generation. The time villagers save fetching water often translates to higher school attendance.

Education Saves Lives

All parents want an education for their children. But among the poorest of the poor overseas, attending school is often a life-or-death proposition. When people do not have opportunity for even basic education, the results can be disastrous. Education helps entire communities thrive in an increasingly complex world.

You Really Do Change the World

We see the results of your work every day, and we wish you could meet the people whose lives you are so profoundly affecting. Your faith and the support you bring to your poorest brothers and sisters are changing their world. Despite the chaos, despite the conflict, despite the attention bad news commands, we see much good that you are helping to realize.

You Teach Hope

You feed people who hunger for knowledge. You teach them hope. They—and CRS—are grateful for your lessons.

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