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You're the Hero in a Real-Life Drama

Humanitarian disasters are real-life dramas.

Hawo Abdi sits with her mother and father at a refugee camp in Kenya

Hawo Abdi sits with her mother and father at a refugee camp in Kenya. She is one of the hundreds of thousands whose lives are touched by your support of CRS. Photo by Laura Sheahen/CRS

Horrific loss of life, widespread destruction of homes and images of dazed survivors create public tragedies that are weighed and scored with breathlessly updated statistics. Disasters fix the world's attention—for awhile.

Curiously, the outpouring of generosity that Catholic Relief Services sees daily is rarely observed or remarked on outside the Church. Of course, it's vastly more difficult to calculate our supporters' self-sacrifice and impossible to measure your spiritual motivations. The great drama in that goes unseen.

Even less heralded is the work you do in preventing disasters.

In all cases, you pray, you advocate and you give, often never knowing how much or how many people you are helping. In some cases, the benefits of your care will last for generations after the actual work is done.

Know, though, that your persistent acts of faith and love give others life. From catastrophes that make the charitable impulse feel irresistible, to far-reaching problems like hunger and poverty that demand sustained patience and faith, supporters like you teach both CRS and the people you and we serve—over and over and over again—to hope.

This month's briefing is filled with lessons in hope. It's been more than a year and a half since Haiti's nightmarish earthquake. Look what you're doing there as a CRS supporter in this story about U.S. doctors teaching Haitian physicians who will then teach more Haitian physicians.

And check out this cool weather buoy video (yes, weather buoy video—you've got to see it to believe it). It's a result of your continuing commitment to the Indonesian tsunami disaster—7 years on! And it shows how your support today will help people avoid future losses with a little bit of technology. Amazing.

Your prayers and generosity will have a profound effect in East Africa in the coming months. As you may know, the situation there is desperate. Drought, hunger and even famine threaten to turn the region into the next focal point of world attention. But you've been with us there for years, providing water and striving to do enough—soon enough—to avoid another massive human disaster. Many people will survive this latest drought because your support. How's that for real-life drama?

This briefing reflects the extraordinary extent of your reach—and just how deeply you touch others' lives. The value you bring to everyday people all over the world is incalculable.

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