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When Did We See You?

When did we see you a stranger and welcome you…?
(Matthew 25:38)
Somalian refugee in Kenya

You welcome the stranger. Your response to the drought in East Africa began saving lives even before famine was declared. Photo by Laura Sheahen/CRS

They welcomed strangers but did not recognize their Lord in them.

They didn't know that God not only cares for people in need, he identifies with them. He assigns them the role of surrogate. Kindness to others is generosity to God.

How does it feel, at the end of this year, to be able to answer the question, When did you welcome him?

Outgoing Catholic Relief Services President Ken Hackett shares how you fed the hungry in East Africa this year, sheltered strangers in Haiti and Pakistan, helped welcome the new nation of South Sudan and so much more.

CRS' incoming president and CEO, Carolyn Woo, tells how a new country opened its door to her, a stranger.

Most of the people you help as a CRS supporter are and will remain strangers to you. You have fed and clothed them, offered water to those who were thirsty, helped heal those who were sick.

Looking back on 2011, remember the immeasurable kindness you've shown to complete strangers in need.

January 9, 2011, saw the culmination of 101 Days of Prayer for a peaceful referendum in southern Sudan. Your prayers were answered. The referendum was peaceful beyond any reasonable expectation. Six months later, the new nation of South Sudan was born. Thank you for your prayers.

As we near the 2-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, we look back over 2011 at the progress in rebuilding that your prayers and gifts have made possible.

Thousands of shelters saved lives in Pakistan following massive flooding that occurred in 2010 and again this year. Thanks to you, many families have a warm, secure place to stay while they rebuild their lives.

Your response to the drought in East Africa and famine in parts of Somalia began saving lives even before famine was declared. But before that, years of support for water projects in drought-plagued Ethiopia meant thousands of people needed little or no emergency food supplies during the worst East African drought in decades.

These are merely the most visible signs of your ongoing support for the least of Christ's brothers and sisters.

At the end of 2011—at the threshold of a new year—we thank you and encourage you to continue your good work. We at CRS are grateful that you trust us to be the hands and feet of your compassion among our poor brothers and sisters in the world.

If you're new to CRS or are not as involved as you'd like to be, here's a way to make a meaningful difference in thousands of lives every day of the new year.

God bless you, and Happy New Year.

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