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They Pray, You Answer

A survey done several years ago by U.S. News & World Report and Beliefnet asked participants what they prayed for over the previous 6 months.

A woman prays during Sunday mass held outside the ruins of the National Cathedral.

A woman prays during Sunday Mass held outside the ruins of the National Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photo by Jennifer Hardy/CRS

Seventy-eight percent of Christians said they prayed for health and safety. Nearly the same percentage of Jews and Muslims said the same.

Concern for health and safety is universal. No one is immune from illness, accident or disaster. No surprise, then, that we as a Church place so much emphasis on health for our poorest brothers and sisters. And there's no question that God sends you, as part of his Church, to answer many of those prayers.

While twins are a double blessing, they can also stress moms who find it a struggle to even feed themselves. Your support of this clinic in Burkina Faso helps mothers ensure their babies have enough to eat.

The rebuilding of the St. François de Sales Hospital in Haiti, destroyed in the 2010 quake, takes "build back better" to delightful extremes. It is being rebuilt as a state-of-the-art teaching hospital that will serve the health needs of Haiti's poor for generations.

What a blessing it is that we're able to take water and sanitation for granted. You help those for whom these basic amenities are practically unheard of. Your support of water and sanitation projects in the Bolivian highlands is just one example of how your donations are helping to improve the health of our poorest brothers and sisters overseas.

You answer prayers for health and safety by helping CRS provide medical care, access to clean water, better nutrition, improved shelter and even peacebuilding. Thank you.

By the way: The two prayer categories that were higher than health? Giving thanks (91 percent) and God's guidance (93 percent). Amen to that.

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