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The Disaster That Wasn't

We're all subject to disasters.

Young people reflect on peace at the Comoro/Haslaran Conossian School.

Following years of conflict, the East Timorese hope to prevent further violence. Along with CRS, they work for peace and have invited the world to join in prayer for peaceful elections that run through July. Photo by Jennifer Hardy/CRS

Some are small, personal crises of our own making. Others are sweeping catastrophes that bludgeon whole regions. Whatever the cause or magnitude, disasters tend to stun us as they shatter our lives.

We all need rescuing.

From a kind word to meals brought to grieving families to sacrifices unimaginable—the laying down of lives. Setting aside careers, goals, and personal achievement to help a friend, a child, an aging parent are rescues that follow in the footsteps of Christ.

We receive perspective.

When our own problems and complaints are overwhelmed by news of cataclysms beyond imagining, we begin to see through a different lens. These reminders are a blessing, perhaps even a prompting to gratitude. But, still, God does not forget our troubles. He hears our prayers.

The Church responds.

At Catholic Relief Services, we see it time and time again: News of a humanitarian emergency energizes your generosity. But we also see a far less heralded, far less scrutinized generosity at work. It is the giving of treasure, time, and talent to prevent emergencies from happening and to help others prepare for and lessen the effects of foreseeable, seasonal disasters.

Bless you, and thank you for everything you do, every day.

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