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What We're Thankful for This Week

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take this opportunity to count our many blessings. At Catholic Relief Services we are immensely appreciative of the outpouring of love and support from our donors and supporters who make our work possible. We are thankful for our incredible staff and partners who work endlessly to make the world a better place and alleviate suffering. Finally, we show our gratitude to God for the thousands of little miracles we witness every day overseas when we see antiretroviral medicines working, children able to attend school for the first time, and emergency food rations delivered to families who have lost everything in a devastating storm.

Please read these stories and watch these videos. We wish you and your family a blessed and peaceful holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Those You Have Helped Have Something to Say to You

Three inspiring people recently came to the United States to tell their stories and express their deepest gratitude to you. See how the power of your love has changed lives...has been a miracle to someone who had almost lost hope. »»

Thanks in Action is Thanksgiving Lived

Father David Garcia finds that examining the magnitude of global troubles can inspire a heart of thanksgiving and compassion. »»

A CRS Donor Gives Thanks

Loyal donor, Mrs. Monica Shumann of Virginia, shares with us what she is most thankful for this year. »»

Thankful for Family in Senegal

Meet Camara, staff member of CRS Senegal, who shares a little about his life and why he feels so blessed this Thanksgiving season. »»

Thomas Awiapo: From Ghana With Love—Happy Thanksgiving

"It seems to me that the deepest joy in Thanksgiving is answering the call to give others reasons to be thankful. It is a call to share our gifts in Thanksgiving to God for God's blessings on us." »»

Thanksgiving Blessings from Kenya

Listen to Thanksgiving blessings from CRS staff in Kenya. »»

Thomas Awiapo: An Attitude of Gratitude

A driver's prayer before a perilous car ride reminds Thomas that we must be thankful and grateful to God for every moment and situation in our lives.»»

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