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Streams of Living Water

What image appears in your mind's eye when you hear the term living water?

East Timorese fisherman casting his net

A fisherman casts his net in the waters off of East Timor. Photo by Josh Estey for CRS

A brook? An ocean? The fountains outside the Bellagio in Las Vegas?

Scripture's image is a stream or a river—water that moves, has a source and empties into something larger.

Of course, our source of living water is God. His spirit flows into us, through us and from us into something larger: the world.

At Catholic Relief Services, we see streams of living water poured out into the world every day. Your generosity is a current that runs deep and brings blessings to a world of need.

In the Dominican Republic, your support brings financial stability to people left out of traditional lending institutions. But more than learning how to save and manage finances, participants gain leadership skills that change their lives.

In Lesotho, you help educate preschoolers at a critical stage of their development. Their success has become a beacon of hope for an entire society.

Providing a source of clean water to villages in Pakistan is an example of living waters that flow to an entire community, refreshing it with greater health and prosperity.

And your participation in CRS Rice Bowl is among the most visible signs of the power of your faith growing—and flowing—to others.

This Lenten season, we thank you for blessing CRS with your generosity and support. May blessings overflow.

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