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Farmer-To-Farmer: Achieving Food Independence

A young farmer traveled with CRS to Tanzania to serve others without ready access to knowledge and technology resources. »»

Climate Change: The World We Leave Our Children

Catholic Relief Services President&CEO Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo will speak at the release of Pope Francis' encyclical on climate change. »»

Proof That You Exist

More than 200 million children remind us we are all protected by a piece of paper. »»

Mother's Day Tribute: Thanks to You

Your support of CRS allows us to serve moms as they raise and care for their families in 101 countries. »»

In 2015, Keep the Light On for CRS

This New Year, share your epiphanies with us and become the bright spot for millions around the world. »»

Thanks for Being There

People you don't even know are giving thanks for having you in their lives. »»

Hispanic Heritage Month History in the United States

More than 39 percent of U.S. Catholics are Hispanic. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates Latinos' contribution to the building of this nation. »»

Mauritania: Helping My Neighbor, Building Resilience

Sharing food growing and storage techniques for desert helps families eat more often. »»

Doing God's Work by Working

Strengthening livelihoods affirms and upholds people’s inherent dignity, and their right to earn a living. »»

Peacebuilding in the Light of Easter

April marks the anniversary of many tragic conflicts; the Resurrection counters them all with hope. »»

Pope Francis' Call, Our Response

Pope Francis began his papacy during Lent—how fitting that we take this time to heed his call to serve. »»

Closer Walk, Better Lives, Rice Bowl

What you give up for Lent really does change lives, yours included. »»

Microfinance Growth

Because of your support, CRS' microfinance programs have grown to help more than 1 million people in 35 countries around the world. »»

Pope Francis on Care for the Poor

Evangelii Gaudium calls on the faithful to see with compassion the world's least fortunate. »»

Feeding on Faith

A successful approach to ending global hunger begins long before food is served. »»

A Uniquely Catholic Response to Need

Several ongoing humanitarian crises would be far worse today if not for your Gospel-inspired commitment to the poor and suffering. »»

CRS Addresses All Areas of HIV Programming

CRS supports 184 HIV programs in 35 countries and directly supports more than eight million people affected by the epidemic. »»

Impossible Thanksgiving Task

We're grateful for more blessings than we can count. And we rejoice in the ones we can count on. »»

Catholic Advocacy Extends PEPFAR's 'Lazarus Effect'

Thanks to dedicated supporters, CRS remains a strong supporting arm of the Catholic Church's care for people with HIV. »»

Miami Teen Serves Malawi Orphans

The orphans' plight touched Alejandro Ortega. His bake sale results surprised him. And CRS impressed him. »»

Living the Gospel, Sharing the Harvest

Your support helps those whose food supply depends on their gardens, weather and grace. »»

Make Us Teachers

As the new school year begins, CRS celebrates the power of education to change—and save—lives. »»

CRS Celebrates World Youth Day

As millions gather for World Youth Day in Brazil, meet young people from around the world whose lives you have touched through your support of CRS. »»

Emergencies: Prevent, Manage, Prepare

Thanks to you and your Church, many poor communities are now better prepared to manage emergencies and even prevent crises from occurring. »»

World Youth Day: A Powerful Force for Good

Pope Francis will lead "the witness of a living and renewing faith" that Blessed John Paul II started. »»

Syria Crisis: Assistance for Refugees

With medical aid and emergency supplies, CRS and Caritas are reaching thousands who've fled violence in the country. »»

Got a Light?

Seeing by God's light gives a whole new perspective on the world and your life. »»

Guess Who's Living Leviticus 19:33–34?

As a CRS supporter, your hospitality extends well beyond your home—and even your country »»

Introducing Savings-Led Microfinance

Read this clear, non-technical explanation of how and why CRS microfinance starts with savings, rather than loans, to build financial independence. »»

Your First Evangelist?

Chances are you know someone whose name could be added to an often-overlooked group of Church heroes. »»

Excerpts From Pacem in Terris

"The dignity of the human person involves the right to take an active part in public affairs and to contribute one's part to the common good." »»

Pacem in Terris at 50

Pope John XXIII's encyclical envisioned nations working together for the peaceful benefit of all peoples. »»

They Pray, You Answer

Guess what's near the top of everyone's prayer list? »»

Every Day Is World Water Day

Water is essential to survival, yet nearly a billion people worldwide cannot access it. With your help, CRS is changing that. »»

Welcome, Your Holiness

CRS welcomes Pope Francis by drawing from the long papal heritage of caring for people less fortunate. »»

Celebrating Women's Work Around the World

PHOTO GALLERY: CRS celebrates women's work overseas. These women farm, vote, provide health care—and raise families. »»

Faith and Fellowship Aid Japan's Tsunami Survivors

In Japan, the local Church is helping survivors of the 2011 tsunami—and Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster—rebuild their lives. »»

Thank You, Holy Father

Pope Benedict XVI's encyclicals have inspired millions, including CRS staff members, who carry out the Church's mission of service. »»

Looking Back: Pope Benedict XVI at Nationals Park

As Catholic Relief Services says goodbye to Pope Benedict XVI, we look back at his April 2008 visit to Nationals Park. »»

Streams of Living Water

From your Lenten observance flow blessings that change lives in profound ways. »»

One Very Important Life

What you give up for Lent changes lives.


World Day of Peace

Pope Benedict XVI's World Day of Peace message calls on Catholics to embrace peace. Here's how you answer his call. »»

Blessings for a New Year

You will be encouraged by your support of the poorest people in the world during the Year of Faith. »»

Thank You for the Gifts You Give Each Day

Take a moment to review some of the powerful good your support has accomplished among your poorest brothers and sisters throughout the world. »»

Microfinance: Savings to Lend

Thanks to a CRS microfinance model based on personal savings, 1 million members are increasing their financial security. »»

A Feast of Grateful Souls

In this Year of Faith, as we approach Our Lord's throne in gratitude, we find that even more blessings await us. »»

The New Evangelization and CRS

The Gospel motivates the Church's work to uphold the sacredness and dignity of all human life and to embody Catholic social and moral teaching. »»

Year of Faith: Celebrate the Love

Proclaiming the Gospel through justice and charity brings live to those who receive and to those who give. »»

Remember Your Locavores!

For folks who are forced to eat local, the expertise and care you deliver helps ensure their harvests are plentiful. »»

'You Have One Teacher'

You're a teacher. You improve lives. You save lives. You really do change the world. You teach hope. »»

Join Us in Prayer

Let us raise our voices together in prayer to Our Lord.


A Passion for Helping Sparks a Global Network

Through CRS, Jerry Zurek and Sue Toton found a way to witness to the Gospel message of human life and dignity. »»

The Disaster That Wasn't

Your generosity matches the intensity of major disasters, but you may not even be aware of how you give life behind the scenes. »»

The Disaster That Wasn't

Your generosity matches the intensity of major disasters, but you may not even be aware of how you give life behind the scenes. »»

Cool Catholic Kids and Independence

Through CRS, you (and your kids!) help people help themselves, to gain independence as families and nations. »»

How Do You 'Love One Another'?

Most likely, in more ways than you know, including your support of new uses for barcodes, financial independence and chemistry class. »»

Good Chemistry: Learning to Be a Servant of God

What is CRS' Global Solidarity Schools Initiative? 'It's life changing,' says one high school sophomore. »»

World Malaria Day Is April 25

Where malaria remains a killer disease, CRS works with the Church and many other partners to bring treatment and prevention to the most vulnerable. »»

Moved by Compassion, Respond With Expertise

When your faith and compassion compel you to reach out to your poorest neighbors overseas, you deliver innovation, expertise and excellence. »»

Extending God's Healing Touch

Your support of CRS delivers the promise of abundant life by bringing health care to many of the poorest, most remote corners of the world. »»

When Did We See You Sick?

Your support of CRS continues the Church's 2,000-year history of extending healing hands to the world's neediest brothers and sisters. »»

Lessons in Faith and Third-Grader Compassion

Nebraska teacher Barbara Gilman and her third-grade students make their faith tangible and tasty while exploring CRS Operation Rice Bowl during Lent. »»

Red Alert: Loyola Students Raise HIV Awareness

The millennium generation applies energy and networking prowess to the fight against HIV and AIDS. »»

The Power of the Pump

See how many aspects of people's lives are improved when they have access to a clean water source. »»

'We're Not Going to Let Them Live That Way'

An Operation Rice Bowl family looks to its history and Catholic roots to shape its Lenten observance. »»

When Did We See You Thirsty?

When you give the gift of water through Catholic Relief Services, you quench a thirst for many vital needs. »»

What Do They Have in Common?

Because of your support, these children all have you in common. Because of your faith, we're able to say… »»

Parish Twinning Links Haitian, U.S. Catholics

Catholics in Haiti and the United States strengthen existing bonds and form new ones in the wake of the January earthquake. »»

Make A Difference

CRS Operation Rice Bowl offers simple yet powerful ways for your parish, school and family to bring your Catholic faith to life during Lent. »»

Face the Fast, Change the World

Food Fast is CRS' 24-hour fasting retreat that teaches young Catholics about global hunger and poverty, and how they can make a difference. »»

Living and Eating Simply for Lent

Operation Rice Bowl helps a family live its faith in solidarity with others around the world. »»

When Did We See You Hungry?

Through your faithful commitment to the work of CRS, you feed millions of people yearly, mostly by helping them feed themselves. »»

'All Ate and Were Satisfied'

Your support of CRS helps end hunger during emergencies and for a lifetime in nearly 100 countries around the world. »»

Fighting Hunger With Knowledge

"Feeding the hungry" means applying expertise to help our neediest brothers and sisters feed themselves. »»

Help End Hunger

See how you can help fight hunger by participating in programs including CRS Rice Bowl and Food Fast. »»

Christmas Blessing for You From CRS

"You are today's Magi because your gifts to CRS give comfort to infants as vulnerable as Jesus in the manger." »»

When Did We See You?

The parable in Matthew reminds us that kindness to people in need is generosity to God. »»

Flora Tristan Relationship

Discontinued in 2009


No Room at the Inn?

Sometimes life's greatest gifts are revealed when we open our hearts. »»

Thank You From The People You Help Every Day

Thank you, from Catholic Relief Services and all the people we serve around the world. »»

You Can Help Set Them Free

With more than 12 million trafficked and enslaved people worldwide, the problem is enormous. But you can help. Let's abolish slavery forever. »»

How You Can Help

See the ways you can make a real difference in the lives of people affected by human trafficking and slavery. »»

CRS Assists Earthquake Victims in Turkey

As rescue teams continue to search for survivors, a Caritas emergency response team is rushing to determine the extent of needs. »»

Meet the People Who Want to Say Thank You

Whether you've prayed, devoted your time or made a donation, the poorest people in more than 100 countries want to say thank you. »»

Grateful to God—Beyond Obedience

Among the many gifts we can lift up to God at Thanksgiving, are any as powerful and necessary as gratitude? »»

Big Hearts Reap Big Harvests

If the hope you raised filled bushel baskets, you'd need a much bigger barn. »»

You're Already There

CRS supporters often send help years before a crisis, preparing people to survive or completely avoid hardships. East Africa is a perfect example. »»

Horn of Africa Prayer and General Intercessions

More than 11 million people face hunger and even famine brought on by drought in East Africa. Please keep them and the Church there in your prayers. »»

You're the Hero in a Real-Life Drama

We are all moved by images of human catastrophe. But, afterward, even more astounding scenes play out every day. »»

CRS Names Carolyn Woo New President, CEO

Dean of Notre Dame's business school will succeed long-time agency leader Ken Hackett. »»

Prayer for Fathers

Our gift to fathers everywhere is a prayer taught by our Savior—one that echoes throughout the world even 2,000 years later. »»

Thank You for Making A Mother's Day

See the mothers and families you've helped all over the world with your support of Catholic Relief Services. »»

Easter Story: A Parish's Loss and Resurrection

Father David Garcia reminds us that we all experience times of deep dependence on others. And we all share the promise of resurrection in Jesus Christ. »»

Bringing the Holy Land to New Jersey

Catholic high school students in The Garden State learn about global solidarity and peacebuilding in the Holy Land from teachers who have been there. »»

You Make New Beginnings Work

Your faithfulness brings Easter blessings all year long. »»

Prayers for Japan

Your outpouring of prayer and support proclaims hope amid the devastation only hinted at in these pictures. »»

Video Christmas Card From Our Family to Yours

Merry Christmas from Catholic Relief Services and all the people we serve around the world. »»

World AIDS Day

This World AIDS Day, CRS invites you to learn more and take action on behalf of the more than 33 million people living with HIV worldwide. »»

HIV Success Stories on Capitol Hill

Three young adults from Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe tell Capitol Hill audiences about CRS programs that helped them survive childhood affected by HIV. »»

World Food Day is October 16

CRS uses food aid for emergency situations like natural disasters and famines, and to foster food security through long-term development programs. »»

Remembering Mother Teresa

Marking the 100th anniversary of her birth, CRS recalls with great fondness our familial bond with Blessed Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity. »»

Healing From War's Brutality in Congo

St. Camillus parish in Maryland reaches out in faith to serve women whose lives have been torn apart by rape as a weapon of war. »»

CRS Mourns Father Paul Locatelli, SJ

Father Locatelli was a member of the CRS Board of Directors and a longtime president of Santa Clara University. »»

Haiti Quake Inspires Leap of Faith

Sister Jane Meyer jumped from a plane to honor a promise to her students and a commitment to people in need. »»

Video: World Cup Brings Nations Together

Every four years there is a tournament like no other—the World Cup. No sport unites the world as one human family quite like soccer, football, futbol. »»

Rallying for Haiti

The Diocese of Orange in California responded to the Haiti quake with creativity and contagious enthusiasm. »»

Catholics in U.S. Show Solidarity With Haiti

Catholics in the United States rallied to support the people of Haiti after the massive earthquake ravaged the nation in January. »»

Catholic Teens Transform to Work for Justice

Youth leaders in central Florida reflect on the world's poor through service projects and learn how to make a difference through fair trade. »»

The Power of Pennies

After the Haiti earthquake in January, students at Catholic schools in the United States raised funds for the survivors and the relief effort. »»

Help the Poor Through Prayer and Almsgiving

CRS Rice Bowl helps Catholics learn about global hunger and assist those in need. »»

Excerpts From the Pope's Lenten Message for 2010

The Holy Father notes that true justice requires faith in God, whose love is manifest in charity, gift and salvation. »»

Prayer, Education and Youth Ministry Resources on Haiti

CRS has prepared resources that can be used as we join in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. »»

No Longer Strangers

Pedro Antonio Ordoñez López of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, talks about his experience meeting a church group from New Jersey. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation

Excerpts from Pope's 2010 message for the World Day of Peace »»

Guatemala Visit Grows American Teen's 'Family'

During a visit to a partner diocese in Guatemala, an American teen makes an unexpected discovery: open hearts in the midst of poverty. »»

A CRS Donor Gives Thanks

Loyal donor, Mrs. Monica Shumann of Virginia, shares with us what she is most thankful for this year. »»

'If I Help, They Might Get Through This'

When Allie Zito heard about the Indian Ocean tsunami, she knew she had to help. Watch this video to find out what inspired her to make a difference. »»

What We're Thankful for This Week

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take this opportunity to count our many blessings. »»

Partnership Between U.S. and India Born of Compassion

Two dioceses a world away come together in friendship and solidarity in the wake of the tsunami. »»

Cornell and CRS Take on Africa Food Crisis

Computer-based education modules created by Cornell University and CRS are helping poor farmers to restore healthy cassava fields in Africa. »»

Thanks in Action is Thanksgiving Lived

Father David Garcia finds that examining the magnitude of global troubles can inspire a heart of thanksgiving and compassion. »»

Midwest Diocese Helps Bear Haiti Burdens

An image of malnourished children compelled parishioners to look beyond their problems by reaching out to Haitians in dire need. »»

Forum Highlights Progress in Combating HIV

Over two days in Washington, AIDSRelief was praised for "doing the impossible." »»

College Network Brings World Into Focus

Across the United States, Catholic colleges are working to raise student awareness of humanitarian and social justice issues. »»

Students Find Fellowship With the World

Every year, graduate students who want to pursue careers in international development compete to enter CRS' fellowship program. »»

Papal Encyclical Enlightens Social Teaching, Mission

In Pope Benedict XVI's Caritas in Veritate, CRS finds direction and encouragement for serving U.S. Catholics in global outreach. »»

Fair Trade: Beyond Dollars and Cents

Hosting one of the largest fair trade sales in the country, a Dayton, Ohio, community learns that solidarity means as much at home as abroad. »»

Migrant Program Profits Both Sides of Border

CITA brings reliable, willing work force to U.S. growers while building trust and lasting labor relationships. »»

Out of Burning Hunger, A Passionate Voice for Africa

An orphan from Ghana, Thomas Awiapo knows hunger, but he also knows compassion. Every year he tells his story to Americans to teach—and to say thanks. »»

World AIDS Day

Leading up to World AIDS Day on December 1, CRS is recognizing the lives and amazing efforts of people living with HIV around the world. »»

Timkatec Children's Center

Patrick O'Shea knows first-hand what it is like to be an orphan. Now, he helps orphans in Haiti by supporting the Timkatec Children's Center. »»

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