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One Very Important Life

What will you give up for Lent?

Before you answer, consider another question: What will you get for Lent?

CRS Rice Bowl pledge card

CRS Rice Bowl helps you give—and get—this Lent. Photo by Philip Laubner/CRS

This season, Catholic Relief Services invites you to accept our gift of CRS Rice Bowl. The daily readings, prayers and recipes you receive will serve you during the 40 days of Lent. Now, CRS Rice Bowl comes with a crucial message, one that will resonate throughout the year: For Lent, for Life—What You Give up for Lent Changes Lives.

Here are just a few of the lives you will change when you support CRS Rice Bowl:

In Afghanistan, our poorest brothers and sisters often eat the same meal day after day. But thanks to compassionate people like you, keyhole gardens are helping families in Afghanistan enjoy a nutrient-rich diet. Talk about a significant life change!

You will also help farmers in Burkina Faso. By participating in CRS Rice Bowl, you will contribute to projects like an irrigation system that has decreased dependency on fickle rainfalls. Just think—a small sacrifice on your part will change these farmer's lives.

And you will ease, and prevent, suffering in East Timor. Your Lenten sacrifices will help us treat people with tuberculosis so that others will never need that help.

Here at home, your participation in CRS Rice Bowl will help people in your own diocese who are hungry, homeless and in need.

And please don't forget another life very dear to us. In this Year of Faith, when Catholics across the globe seek a closer relationship with Our Lord Jesus, our prayer is that the gift of CRS Rice Bowl will bring you renewed life and a closer walk with our lord.

Please join us in observing this Lenten season with CRS Rice Bowl. And remember, what you give up will change lives—including yours.

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