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No Room at the Inn?

The birth of the Christ child: God incarnate delivered to the world with nothing but the company of his earthly parents in a stable in Bethlehem, a town known for raising lambs marked for Passover slaughter. The King of Kings, Light of the World, Lamb of God, Emmanuel—God with us, Savior: Jesus.

Terra Cotta Nativity

A terra cotta nativity scene made by fair trade artisans in Bangladesh. Photo courtesy of SERRV International

Born in a stable.

There is much we're not told about the story of Christ's birth. One thing we know: Someone made room for the Holy Family. The accommodations weren't much. But then, by our standards, the inn wouldn't have been much of an improvement. The point remains: Room was made.

Catholic Relief Services is offered to Catholics and others of goodwill by the Catholic bishops of the United States as a way to continue God's work among the poor of the world, a way to make room—not in a stable, but in the same place you make room for God: in your heart.

Here's a group that knows how to make room. Your support sustains them as they take in Ivory Coast refugees, often for an indefinite period.

This might be a hard story to read because it deals with mothers and their children in very desperate straits. But your support and prayers are getting through. You are bringing hope even here.

Finally, here's a note of cheer and gratitude for the work you've done from people you've made room for in your life.

If you want to make room, CRS invites you to deliver Christmas in the form of service of God's unconditional, uncompromising love to the poorest and most vulnerable among us.

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