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Moved by Compassion, Respond With Expertise

A catastrophe strikes somewhere in the world. You may have no connection with the people or place, but your heart is touched. Your compassion moves you to help.

Using a smart phone to sign in at a seed fair.

A woman signs her information form on a smart phone at a CRS seed fair in the northern Central African Republic. About a year earlier, CRS tested a barcode tracking system to see if it was a more efficient and effective way to register and track people by the agency. Photo by Sandra Basgall/CRS

Or perhaps you're committed to help with long-term development that helps people help themselves.

In both cases, you're moved by compassion. You connect with Catholic Relief Services. And we respond with expertise — or as CRS President and CEO Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo puts it, "with a commitment to uncommon excellence."

The stories listed below show how your compassion delivers, inspires and supports uncommon excellence.

A Mother's Courage, a Daughter's Vocation

Agatha Rafu defended her daughter's desire to become a nun. In honor of her courage, the health care community and people living with HIV in East Timor call Agatha a blessing.

Speed Dating in Rwanda: Technology Meets Development

In April, CRS sponsored a meeting between leaders in technology and those in the development field. This story shows how the gathering continues to find innovative ways to help more people more efficiently and effectively.

A Mother's Love Shows Us the Way

CRS President and CEO Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo reminds us how your work through the Church and CRS helps mothers around the world realize their dreams for their children.

From Rubble to State-of-the-Art Health Care

St. François de Sales, Haiti's largest hospital, was largely destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake. Take a look at what will rise in its place, thanks to overwhelming generosity and a commitment to excellence.

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