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Impossible Thanksgiving Task

If we at Catholic Relief Services were to attempt to count our blessings, we'd never get any work done. There are all the blessings we're aware of—but how often are we blessed unawares? How many times has God protected, delivered or assisted us without our knowing? Counting our blessings is something we can't help but do, but sometimes we realize, happily, that it's an impossible task.

The Ramirez family prays before eating dinner.

The Ramirez family of Guatemala, who benefited from a CRS agriculture program, prays before dinner. We're grateful to work with families like theirs all around the world. Photo by Silverlight for CRS

What we can do easily is point to the types of things for which we're thankful.

First of all, we're thankful for our supporters—amazing people who inspire us every day. Like Alejandro. Here's a young man who saw a need. Responded to a duty he accepted from Church teaching. And surprised even himself.

We thank God for our advocates. This year, with budgets in turmoil, Catholics rallied for continued funding for the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. The program saves and strengthens countless lives every year.

We're grateful for our servants. We aspire to be just like them. And we're thankful for the servants we see throughout the Church. Helping Hands gathers volunteers of all ages for a few hours of intense—and fun—food packaging that provides our poorest brothers and sisters overseas with nutritious meals.

We thank God we're your servant, that you trust CRS to deliver your expressions of love to God's people all over the world.

Please join us in prayer.

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